“The Guiding Principle is a statement of purpose that gives all Council Members a guideline and a common goal to work toward. If ever two members disagree on something, or if something seems to be disrupting the community or the gameplay then the Guiding Principal shall be the common ground that everyone involved should aim for. Everything we do should follow close to this Guiding Principle, and keeping true to the core of what this community is all about.”

The Overall Goal

The primary purpose of the existence of this community is to always afford people who want to play, a chance to play. This is a place for those who do not have the luxury of a weekly game, a scheduled game, or a local group. This should be where they find a place to be able to enjoy their gaming hobbies. We will have our scheduled groups, and we shall have our community events. But the foundation is that players who can not hold such commitments have a place to go and not be made out to be a burden, not be made out to be holding anyone back, and at the same time upon return not feel left behind. 

Of course there will be times where a party that aims to adventure may be too large for a single GM, or perhaps the levels vary by too wide a gap. There are understandable exceptions to this guideline but what will continue us down the path to keeping true to this goal is GM’s doing all they can to assure everyone get’s to play, it is up to the Council to keep this goal alive, and to assure people get to play when they can. We are not here to tell them when to show up, or when not to, only to be able to let them play when they can.

The World We Love

The world we strive to create should be interesting, constantly evolving, and ever dangerous. Perils, treasure, and promise are common terms that describe the many locales of the landscape. The complex politics should continuously overshadow the small town happenings of the land. Player actions that would affect the world overall should reflect this, civils wars will break out, revolutions arise, civilizations may or may not crumble. Our players should be able to craft this world through their actions, our GM’s should strive to reflect this as best they can.

Players should never feel that they are in power to do as they please, guards, street thugs, and creatures of the night should make them uneasy. Keeping our players on their toes, keeps a feeling of suspense, and prevents players from running amok without consequence from the world they are living in. In short, this should be a world of not just rewards, but consequence.


Many folks over time will join our ranks, many GM’s will take the torch and run many games. No matter the quantity what we ultimately desire is quality. Quality through teamwork. GM’s must communicate ideas, occurrences, and plot constantly, keeping many notes and updating NPC’s regularly with more and more information for other GM’s. We are all in this together and through our cooperation and teamwork, so shall we instill the same mindset in our players.

Players “Alignment” will have little meaning in our world, alignment comes not from the character sheet but from the actions of the character. It’s the GM’s responsibility to appropriately distribute consequence to would be trouble makers and trolls, and it’s the players responsibility to develop there in-character persona in a manner as to not steal, cheat, or kill other player characters.

The Players

Players responsibilities include being respectful, and building fun and interesting characters that do not detract from fun and balanced gameplay, or ruin the gaming experience for other players. This is to include the misuse of rules and game mechanics in unfair ways, or in ways that solely benefit the player, or various players through exploitation of rules and mechanics.

Players are to NEVER Metagame, through use of ANY resource available, metagaming is the number one way to banishment from the community, it is a severe violation of what this community stands for. 

Players are to treat all GM’s as Staff in regards to community relations and gaming mechanics. Players are not to argue about rules amongst themselves while in the middle of a game session. Rules are to be discussed OUTSIDE of game sessions, rules decision are to be made by the GM, not by group vote. Rules inquires on such decision must be made OUTSIDE of sessions, and not DURING them.

The GMs

The GMs over Dragons Gate have a huge amount of responsibility that they undertake when being appointed to their role. The driving factor here is that GM’s are not picked at random, and not everyone has what we require for to be a GM in our world. GMs are to treat our players, all of them, with respect, never should a GM belittle a player for any decision or choices in anything, never shall a GM use their position to advance the development of any of their characters. Any GM who is caught playing favorites, or “Ramping” up EXP for friends will be dealt with. These are the key things everyone should know about GM’s, anyone chosen, or accepted into the GM Application Process will read all of the other documents regarding GM conduct and rules.

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